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5 Ways Computer Vision Can Help You Stand out in a Competitive 3PL Market

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With computer vision, 3PLs can provide unique benefits that differentiate them from competitors, reducing customer churn and attracting new business.

What You Need to Know

As warehouse availability increases, third party logistics providers (3PLs) have to find new ways attract and retain customers. Many are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) to give them a competitive edge. 

One such technology is computer vision, a type of AI that enables machines to “see”, interpret and understand the visual world. When used at warehouse loading docks, computer vision can provide unique benefits to 3PLs and their customers. 

Let’s explore how this technology can enhance 3PL services and help them stand out in a competitive market.

What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is to AI what human eyes are to the brain. It can identify objects, read text, and even detect anomalies by analyzing images and videos.

At the loading dock, computer vision can be used to extract information from visuals of freight, enabling solutions like Kargo to automatically scan labels, verify shipments and flag discrepancies such as overages, shortages, and damage. 

By automating critical processes and ensuring accuracy, computer vision can enhance not only the operational efficiency of 3PLs, but also the services they provide their customers.

5 Ways Computer Vision Elevates 3PL Services

Here are five ways computer vision can enhance the services 3PLs provide and enable them to stand out in a competitive market.

1. AI-Backed Shipping Accuracy

Shippers look for 3PLs that provide consistent, reliable service in order to protect their reputation and bottom line.

At the loading dock, computer vision can verify that every shipment matches the order. Computer vision systems like Kargo catch discrepancies, such as incorrect quantities or damaged goods, and flag issues immediately to ensure that they are addressed before the truck leaves the facility. 

This proactive approach not only boosts shipping accuracy but also enhances the reliability of the service, building trust with customers and reducing costly errors and returns.

2. Customized Service Offerings

Every shipper is unique, with their own set of challenges and requirements. Computer vision makes it easy for 3PLs customize critical processes such as data capture, quality control and compliance checks. 

When implemented at the loading dock, computer vision systems can capture data from any label and apply custom acceptance rules for each customer  without any downtime or the need to manual configuration. 

For example, if a one customer requires that a 3PL breakdown pallets with multiple lot codes, computer vision systems like Kargo can catch these pallets as they pass through the loading dock and notify operators. 

With computer vision, 3PLs can capture data from any label and offer customized solutions, setting their service apart in a market that values adaptability. 

3. Enhanced Visibility

Visibility is a non-negotiable for modern 3PLs. Customers expect to know where their goods are at all times. Computer vision takes this a step further by providing visual confirmation. 

For example, Kargo capture videos of every pallet being loaded and unloaded. 3PLs can share these videos with their customers as proof of not only the location, but also the condition of freight.

By integrating this visual data with tracking systems, 3PLs can offer next-level transparency, creating trust and loyalty with customers. 

4. Expedited Claims Resolution

In the event of a dispute or claim, time is of the essence. Computer vision captures videos of every pallet as it passes through the loading dock, which can be critical to quick, fact-based resolutions.

For example, with Kargo, you can find the pallet in question in seconds, review the documentation and visuals, and collaborate with stakeholders and share proof, all on the Kargo Platform.  

This capability not only speeds up the process and reduces friction with customers, but also demonstrates your commitment to transparency and accuracy.

5. Real Time Inventory Updates

Inventory visibility is vital for effective supply chain management. That’s why 3PL customers look for partners that provide them with an accurate view of their inventory. 

When you use computer vision to automatically scan labels, inventory systems can be updated within minutes of the product passing through the dock door. 

This enables 3PLs and their customers to realize inventory faster, providing a more accurate inventory snapshot that enhances forecasting, planning and purchasing. 

Integrating computer vision at the dock door is not just a technological upgrade; it's a strategic move that aligns with the digital transformation trends in logistics. By offering customized solutions, enhanced visibility and unparalleled service quality, 3PLs can significantly elevate their value proposition, setting a new standard in customer service and operational excellence. In the competitive arena of logistics, leveraging computer vision is a clear pathway to differentiation and long-term success.


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