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From Tradition to Tech: Dircks Embraces Computer Vision to Enhance Efficiency

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After three decades of success in the industry, discover how Dircks Moving & Logistics is using computer vision to take their business to the next level.

What You Need to Know

In the dynamic world of logistics, innovation is the key to a lasting legacy. Since it was founded in 1990, Dircks Moving & Logistics has consistently looked for ways to innovate, expanding their services beyond residential moving to commercial moving, warehousing and logistics. Today, the family owned business boasts 250 employees, 125 trucks and more than 700,000 square feet of warehouse space, and customers that include household names such as, Coca-Cola, Campbell’s, Fairlife and Lucid Motors.

The driving force behind the company’s impressive growth has been Dircks’ commitment to innovation, encapsulated by their mantra, “what’s next?” Since taking the reins from his father and uncle earlier this year, Dircks’ CEO, Matt Dircks, has been focused on technological innovation. Matt believes that “incorporating artificial intelligence alongside our employees will help Dircks Logistics become an even more efficient partner for our customers.”

Here, we’ll explore how Dircks is using computer vision at their loading docks to unlock efficiencies.

Efficiency Meets Accuracy

Dircks is continuously raising the bar when it comes to providing efficient, industry leading service to its customers. This past summer, Dircks installed Kargo Towers at its loading docks and immediately saw an increase in both efficiency and accuracy.

Kargo leverages computer vision to scan every pallet as it passes through the loading dock, capturing information from any label, barcode, or marking, and visually inspecting freight for damage. This enables Kargo to verify that every shipment that is shipped or received by the facility matches its documentation. 

If there are any discrepancies, for example too few pallets were loaded on to the truck or physical damage was detected, Kargo flags them to the Dircks team in real time so they are able to address them right away. This empowers Dircks to rectify any shipping errors before the truck leaves, as well as catch issues with inbound shipments. This proactive approach unlocks efficiencies for Dircks’ facilities and ensures that Dircks is always a step ahead, catching errors before they escalate into broader supply chain issues for their customers.

If issues do arise, Dircks can access visuals of pallets and loading activities on the Kargo Platform. Having visual proof makes it easy for Dircks to resolve any issues and maintain good relationships with their customers. Another way computer vision at the loading dock unlocks efficiency for Dircks.

Integrating for Impact

With the new leadership team came a fresh perspective on Dircks’ existing systems and processes, some of which had been around for decades. Dircks quickly recognized the potential to create efficiencies by incorporating artificial intelligence. 

Automatically gathering shipment information at the loading dock enables Kargo to not only flag discrepancies, but also reduce the time Dircks spends logging inventory. All data captured by Kargo Towers at the loading dock is immediately available on the Kargo platform and Dircks’ warehouse management system (WMS) via integration. 

In addition to increasing the efficiency of Dircks’ operations, this enables Dircks - and their customers - to have a more accurate view of their inventory, empowering better decision making.

Vision for the Future

In an industry where efficiency and accuracy intersect, embracing technological innovations is not just beneficial, but imperative. Dircks showcases how incorporating cutting edge technologies, like Kargo, into traditional processes can create efficiencies and fuel growth. On track to become the largest moving and logistics company in the Southwest, Dircks’ enduring mantra of “what’s next?” remains more relevant than ever.


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