The Smartest Loading Dock in Town

kargo loading dock with Argus towers


The Future Of Freight Is Here. Can Your Infrastructure Handle It?

We build smart loading docks to handle anything your supply chain throws at you.

cargo ship aerial


Why Kargo

Visible & Verified

Get full incoming and outgoing shipment visibility with real-time ASN verification. Automatically create BOLs from the exact content of the outgoing trailer.

Labels & Tags

Remove manual scanning processes with a fast and touchless solution. Our autonomous material inspection tower scans moving labels and detects all internal RFID tag.

Easy Integration

Access all shipping and supplier data from a centralized platform. Seamlessly integrate with current workflows, WMS or ERP system to cut down on wasteful manual data entry.

Delivery & History

Obtain real-time views of asset locations, notifications, of deliveries, and historical shipping/receiving data right from at the dock. AI uses data and analytics to help you make better business and operational decisions.

Supplier Management

View, monitor, and measure real-time performance of your key suppliers. Generate customized supplier scorecards, initiate RDRs with one-click and manage invoicing and receipt.


Get better operational insight and job performance right from the dock. Generate real-time views of asset locations, notifications of deliveries, and BI reports and trends on your customized dashboard.


Built for organizations that power America.

We are trusted by companies that produce some of the most essential products and services that Americans depend on.

We believe in supporting these foundational companies, and the people who work there, with technology that they can depend on through thick and thin.

Building technology with integrity also means lending a helping hand when our partners need us most. We strive to constantly reinvent what service means to our customers by providing a level of support as dependable as our technology.