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Shipping& Receiving

Kargo turns the loading dock into a source of accurate, actionable data

Empowering you to maximize your efficiency, accuracy and workforce.

Streamline Appointment Scheduling & Driver Check-In

Kargo consolidates scheduling, driver check-in and dock door allocation into one seamless workflow that automatically adapts to real-world conditions.

Automate Shipping & Receiving

No RFID. No scanning. No manual effort. Kargo captures information from any label, barcode, text or image (i.e. logos) — automatically updating your existing inventory system and providing you with real-time data and visuals on Kargo’s dashboard.

Flag OS&D and Resolve Freight Claims

Kargo automatically inspects for damage, verifies shipment against BOL and updates existing inventory systems. Any issues are flagged in real-time, and backed by irrefutable visual evidence, empowering your team to dispute claims, while maintaining good relationships with customers.

Make Customer Service Your Competitive Advantage

Kargo unlocks unparalleled visibility with real-time, accurate information from the loading dock. Stand out from the competition by offering your customers status reports — and visuals — they won’t get from any other warehouse.

Data-Driven Continuous Improvement

Your decisions are only as good as your data. Kargo ensures that the data captured is accurate — and actionable — so you can easily identify trends and make smarter decisions about labor allocation, OS&D drivers, and more.



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Optimize Your Workforce

Kargo allows you to relieve workers from manual activities - and empowers warehouse managers to better plan and schedule labor.

Increase Accuracy & Decrease Freight Claims

Kargo helps eliminate non-operating costs by flagging OS&D in real-time and enabling you to easily resolve claims with irrefutable visual evidence of all inbound and outbound freight.

Advanced Visibility for Your Customers

Kargo helps you build stronger relationships with your customers by turning a blind spot - the loading dock - into a new source of information, unlocking end-to-end supply chain visibility.

HardwareMeet software

We take people (and their errors) out of the data collection process by using computer vision to connect the real-world of logistics with the digital tools used to manage it.


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