Optimize your inbound
& outbound logistics

Kargo empowers you to maximize your existing capacity, accuracy and workforce.

We automate

while providing unprecedented visibility.

Automate Inbound & Outbound

From driver check-in to handling exceptions, Kargo automates every part of your current inbound and outbound process. We use computer vision to visually verify and QC freight, flagging exceptions in real-time to help you avoid expensive mistakes.

Loading Dock Visibility

We eliminate the blind spots at loading docks by capturing real-time data and visuals on all inbound and outbound freight. This creates a proprietary source of accurate data that enables you to avoid mis-ships and product loss, resolve claims easily, share updates with key stakeholders and track new warehouse KPIs.


Kargo towers automatically inspect freight to reduce unloading time by


Our service provides
a hardware + software platform.

Our Towers

Installed at the loading dock, our towers use a powerful mix of edge computing and computer vision to capture information on freight and facility operations. This enables Kargo to automate inbound and outbound processes - from driver check-in to QC - and flag exceptions in real-time.

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Our Platform

Kargo’s dashboard provides a single source truth for your freight and facility operations. The platform aggregates and operationalizes data from your ERPs, TMSs, WMSs and Kargo’s sensor towers, to provide visibility, flag exceptions and generate reports.

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A service, not a product.
No upfront costs.

We work as an extension of your ops team:

  • We deliver, install and maintain towers
  • We lead integration with your existing systems
  • We provide 24/7 technical support
  • We will be onsite within 24 hours