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We are building the sensing infrastructure you need for the next generation of supply chain visibility.

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Our infrastructure provides visibility, while automating processes at critical handoff points.


Loading Docks are slow, manual, and hazardous. 25% of manufacturing accidents occur at loading docks, and trucks wait an average of 2.5 hours at these docks.

Our Solution

Sensing towers that automate inbound and outbound processes, while gathering, analyzing, and operationalizing unique data that provides visibility of both freight and facility operations.


Kargo towers automatically inspect freight to reduce unloading time by


We offer an integrated
hardware and software product.

Our Platform

Kargo’s dashboard aggregates and operationalizes data for every supply-chain stakeholder. The dashboard sits on top of your existing ERP or WMS and Kargo’s sensor towers. The dashboard flags real-time exceptions – overages, shortages, damage and operations failures.

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The Tower

Kargo’s sensor tower can autonomously perform any inspection task on bulk palletized freight. The tower is a powerful mix of sensors, edge-compute and connectivity, ruggidized for the any set of industrial conditions.

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