Meet the team
the supply chain

"At Kargo, we believe that great people build transformational companies. We look for people with a unique mix of humility, technical excellence and grit - and then get out of their way so they can shine in their role."

Sam LuryeFounder

We are creating the logistics infrastructure for the next century. This vision is what inspires, drives and unites the team at Kargo.

We are building a vertically integrated hardware and software product that connects the physical world of logistics to the digital ecosystem that manages it. In solving foundational problems of the logistics industry, our team tackles complex challenges that push the boundaries of our existing skill sets. The work of every team member at Kargo makes a direct impact - both on the product and the industry as a whole.

At Kargo, we have a set of beliefs that guide everything we do. While these values provide a solid foundation, everyone at Kargo brings their own unique perspectives and experiences and plays an integral role in shaping the company’s culture. This is important because not only are we developing an industry-disrupting product, we are building a transformational company. Are you ready to join us?