Augmented Processes for Logistics

Our smart loading docks help you provide timely and proper delivery services.

logistics truck

Key Features

Visible, Verified Delivery

Our system unloads inventory faster than humanely possible. The towers are programmed to notify you when there's a shipping discrepancy.

Seamless Coordination

Coordination and communication is crucial for an industry overrun with manual processes. Our advanced technology will help you manage your processes smoothly.

Big, Clean Data

Our system helps you collect, sort, and store data from the dock. With our AI technology you can turn those datasets into smart data in real time.

Key Benefits

Automated inventory verification

Proof of Arrival and Departure

Seamless Supplier Integration

Improves quality assurance

ariel view of trucks

What Industry Leaders Say

"Knowing how and when our product arrives is a key factor for our performing supply chain."


Fulfillment Center Manager

Supply Chain Management company

"AI makes it easier for us to accurately manage our inventory and standardize our routine tasks."

Chad W.

Branch Manager

Multinational Logistics company