Meet the Team: Bader Aldeen Abou Koura, Senior Hardware Test Engineer

Published May 16, 2022


We were excited to sit down with Bader Aldeen Abou Koura, Kargo’s first hardware test engineer, to learn more about his role and what he has learned since joining Kargo this past January.

Why did you decide to join Kargo?

There are two main things I consider when starting a new career. The first is what they work on, and the second is the people. It was kind of easy to figure out the first one because, as soon as Kargo reached out to me, I went online and looked up what they were working on. I genuinely liked the idea and the technology behind it; the pandemic gave people time and inspiration to come up with amazing solutions, and when it comes to logistics, I believe Kargo’s technology stands among those solutions.

As for the second reason, the people, it is hard to know everything ahead of time because there is only so much you can figure out online. Naturally, I looked up Kargo's profile on LinkedIn and found that most of Kargo’s members have extensive experience and/or left large corporations to join Kargo; only a great and appealing environment would attract such talented people.

I’ve now been at Kargo for a little over three months, and I’m happy to report that the people here are much more than what's on their resumes.

Tell us what you do as a test engineer at Kargo…

You can think of my role as the bridge between the software and the hardware teams. To simplify it, I’m responsible for writing code for new hardware in development, and at the same time, testing and validating the hardware itself. This involves writing code to gather data, validate hardware performance, data analysis, hardware reliability test, failure analysis, prototyping, and more.

What is the hardware team, and company culture as a whole, like?

My team is very talented and humble, making it very easy for me to transition when I left Apple. I’m truly grateful for having the opportunity to work with them.

At Kargo, everyone operates without ego and is very supportive of one another. I believe this is what makes the team excited to come to work.

Describe Kargo in three words.

Generous, friendly, and supportive

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

This might not sound very interesting to some people, but I really enjoy taking long walks.