Accelerated Control for Auto & Tire

Our smart loading docks help you enhance the quality of new releases without compromising the timing.

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Key Features

Inventory Control

Our system helps your warehouse employees quickly receive thousands of parts at the dock eliminating production disruptions and shutdowns.

Supplier Performance

If you’re looking to digitally transform your operation and lower the failure rate, Our AI technology makes the supplier rating and data sharing process more efficient and accurate.

Network Optimization

Our solution removes the bottlenecks associated with collaboration and coordination among all of your suppliers and various management systems.

Key Benefits

Automatic Supplier Scorecard

Complete material visibility

Shipment processing from the forklift

Eliminates material delays in production


What Industry Leaders Say

"This industry is measured on failure rate, not on our success rate. AI technology could help us improve that rating."

Mike M.

Plant Manager

Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

"It's really about expanding the boundaries of the digital factory to include inbound and outbound logistics."

Todd S.

Plant Operations Director

Automobile Manufacturer