Kargo Welcomes Matt Brekken and Joseph Smith to Senior Leadership Bench



In February 2021, CEO and founder Sam Lurye told TechCrunch one of his goals for the year was to double the company’s workforce. In pursuit of that goal, Kargo is excited to welcome its new Head of Hardware, Matt Brekken, and Head of Field Operations, Joseph Smith. Matt and Joe join Kargo with a wealth of leadership and robotics experience, both having developed automated worker and planet-friendly solutions for yard operations. Kargo’s newest additions bring their technical expertise and logistics knowledge to propel the shift toward supply chain digitization, and help evolve loading docks in a similar fashion. 

 Matt has over 20 years of experience as a tech development leader, and has spent the last ten years focused exclusively on fielding robotic products. He also has experience in creating and leading teams that design innovative systems, and hopes his work with Kargo will help alleviate supply chain tensions and streamline shipping processes. 

“Kargo is tackling the core issue of distribution centers: docking doors,” said Matt. “Kargo is addressing this head-on by automating something inefficient, ultimately decreasing the potential for mistakes. It’s not just adding cameras by the door. It’s providing end-to-end visibility.”

Joe began working with automated assisted human-machine teaming during his time with the United States Marine Corps. He is passionate about creating reliable systems that people, especially truckers can depend on, as well as exploring how the digitization of logistics data can create economic, environmental, and civic value. 

“I believe that automation in the warehouse makes operations better,” said Joe. “I’ve had experience with transportation and logistics for most of my life because of parents in the trucking industry, and have spent many hours of my childhood waiting at dock doors. Now as an adult, I recognize the time-saving benefits of automation and am excited to work on technology that makes the industry safer, easier, and cleaner.”

This team expansion follows Kargo’s $6 million seed round and the expanded commercial rollout of the Argus tower, earlier this year. By continually growing its team with experts that share Kargo’s mission to increase visibility across the supply chain and invest in smart infrastructure, Kargo is working towards linking together the physical world of freight and the digital ecosystem that manages it.